NICHINO 850 CULTIVATOR ( Ginger special)


- Japanese farming cultivator 850 ginger-

- Operation live -

(Mitsubishi 8PS)

This model is specially designed to be used for growing ginger crops, it can adapt to the terrain to open the deep trench needed for growing ginger, saving manpower。

-Mechanical characteristics

1. Specially designed for use on ginger crops, the narrowest width of the trench bottom is 16 cm

2. Adjustable handle: 5-step positioning height adjustment of the handle, the height and direction of the handle can be adjusted according to the operator's job requirements, and it is easy to operate on various terrains and cultivated land.

3. Adjustable wheel track, adjusted according to the width of the bottom of the trench required during operation. The widest is 33 cm, the narrowest is 15 cm

4. The 340-degree rotating handle allows the operator to operate freely on flat ground, mountain slopes or in the greenhouse

-Detailed specifications


- Standard accessories -


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